Monday, March 21, 2011

TdK Purple Wave: The Whole Way to the University of Sioux Falls

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"My biggest fear is that they will confuse me with another racer"--Claudio "Il Diablo" Chiappucci

The 2011 Argus Leader Tour de Kota™ cruises the college and university campuses of eastern South Dakota from June 5–10.

This year's six-day excursion along the back roads and byways of beautiful South Dakota finishes its 430 mile (692 Km) route at the University of Sioux Falls campus.  The route, beginning and ending in Sioux Falls, has participants visiting 30 towns and cities with overnight stays at Augustana College, South Dakota State University,  Dakota State University, University of South Dakota and the University of Sioux Falls.
Unlike the Italian pro-road racer Chiappucci, I don't have to worry about being mistaken at this Tour de Kota™ for garnishing an ordinary jersey (or cunning attacks on the peloton).  Many "rollers" will be exalting their alma mater spirit and affiliation by "wearing their colours!"  Subsequently, a team jersey was uniquely crafted for alumni, students, staff, faculty and friends of the University of Sioux Falls!  These Champion System™ club-fit jerseys are available until March 28th (Interested?  Email me).  Ride one day or all week! 

Join Team USF in the Purple Wave at TdK--"The Whole Way!" 

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Anonymous said...

I would love one, but I already have "way too many Jerseys the way it is!" according to SheThatMustBeObeyed.